Private Lessons – Music Theory Fundamentals

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Private Lessons – Music Theory Fundamentals

Private Lessons – Music Theory Fundamentals

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Elevate your knowledge with one-on-one tutoring via Zoom. Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the basics or a more experienced musician, private lessons are a great way to quickly improve or refresh your knowledge of music theory. From understanding intervals, chords and different types scales to learning how to use the Wheel of Fifths Songwriting Tool to its maximum potential – these lessons are designed to help you achieve musical freedom. Currently, there are two packages available.

Some of the topics covered in the lessons are: intervals, chord theory, chord progressions, the major scale (Aeolian Mode), the minor scale (Ionian Mode), harmonic function, diatonic and non-diatonic chords, the role of secondary dominants in music and the CAGED-system on guitar. Of course the lessons are tailor-made to your skill level, so if there's something you particularly wish to learn, we've got you covered!

Package 1: One Lesson
• One 45-minute lesson via Zoom
• Interactive lesson tailored to your learning goals
Briefly cover all key music theory concepts
Perfect for quickly refreshing your knowledge of music theory

Package 2: Three Lessons
• Three 45-minute lessons via Zoom
Develop a tailor-made learning plan specific to your goals
• Learn how to integrate
 all fundamental concepts into your playing
Ideal for students new to music theory

Each lesson takes place at a mutually agreed upon time. The tutoring is done by Rogier Broekhuis. More information about the tutor can be found on the About Page. If you are unsure which package best fits your needs, please send us an e-mail at or contact us via Contact Page.