Achieving Musical Freedom

A great artist once observed that it takes five years of study and practice to learn how to paint, but it takes a lifetime of study and practice to paint like a child. The same thing applies to music.

One of the most important aspects to making music is freedom. Musical freedom. As musicians, we are often taught to think in terms of possibilities. People like to play things that are familiar. 
There is nothing wrong with that, but you may feel limited in your ability to express musical ideas.

Music theory can help us break free from that. 
While theory teaches you what is possible within a musical context, it also teaches you how to think. If you learn about intervals and practice scales enough, you will start seeing patterns between the notes.

Eventually, you will be able to turn musical thoughts and ideas into actual notes without much effort. When music is approached from a songwriting context, theory can be seen as a means to help you convey a message to your audience. It allows you to translate an emotion into something musical. Into a meaningful experience. 
And that’s what musical freedom is about – the ability to express yourself musically without limitations.

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