Using the Wheel of Fifths

How is the Wheel of Fifths songwriting tool used?
Using the intuitive overlay of the Wheel of Fifths, you can quickly identify the notes and chords in any major or minor scale. The outer circle of the Wheel of Fifths shows the major keys, while the middle circle of the tool shows minor keys.

Remember: The relative minor scale of any parent major scale can be found by looking at the sixth scale degree in any major scale. For instance, the sixth note in the scale of C major is A. Thus, the relative minor scale of C major is A minor. This means that the notes in the C major and the A minor scale are exactly the same – only the order of the notes is different.
Take a look below.

C major (parent major scale):
C – D – E – F – G – A – B

A minor (relative minor scale):
A – B – C – D – E – F – G

Quick tip!
On the guitar or bass, the relative minor scale of any parent major scale can be easily found by counting three frets to the left. Similarly, a relative minor can be identified on the piano by counting down three semitones from the root note. Thus, the relative minor of G major is E minor. And so on.
Understanding the concept of relative minor keys helps you navigate both major and minor keys. The Wheel of Fifths shows you the diatonic chords in all major and minor keys, which can be used to write chord progressions. The scale degrees for the different major and minor scales are shown on the front of the tool.

Note how the pattern is different for major and minor scales – the relative minor scale of any major scale starts on the sixth scale degree of the parent major scale.

The Wheel of Fifths Songwriting Tool integrates all scales in any given major or minor key to make music theory easier to understand and use and is available for purchase globally in our shop.

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