What is Wheel of Fifths?

Wheel of Fifths is an online learning community focused on helping musicians of all skill levels develop a deeper understanding of music and music theory. Music theory can be complex, even though understanding the fundamentals is essential to achieve greater musical freedom when songwriting, playing and improvising. At Wheel of Fifths, we aim to make learning music theory both accessible and fun. We do this by developing easy-to-use songwriting tools as well as by creating a community platform where musicians can share their musical ideas and learn from each other. Wheel of Fifths was founded in 2022 and is based in Groningen, the Netherlands.

A note from our founder, Rogier.

I have always been mesmerised by music. As a little kid, I started playing music by making an improvised drum kit using pots and pans. Not much later I learned how to play guitar so I could play along with my favourite records. I have since played in bands and written my own songs, but not much has changed. Even after all those years, the magic of music that I experienced as a little kid is still there.

My music practice has always been driven by inspiration, similar to how Wheel of Fifths was founded. Learning music theory is what gave me complete freedom on the guitar. It taught me how to write and play melodies and it even allowed me to transfer my musical skills to other instruments. I founded Wheel of Fifths to help other musicians experience the same freedom on their instruments, allowing them to create beautiful melodies for others to hear and be inspired by.

Music is a great blessing. It has the power to elevate and liberate us. It sets people free to dream. It can unite us to sing with one voice. Such is the value of music.

Nelson Mandela